Consumer Resources

You, as a consumer, are protected by Federal and State regulations with respect to collection of your debts.  Debt collectors have certain  responsibilities to the consumer which include: contacting you only at certain times, allowing you the opportunity to get more information and validate your debt, and not engaging in unfair practices.  Below are some links to resources you can use to get more information about how to manage your debt.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:  The CFPB website offers a wealth of information about different types of loans, credit, and other financial products.  Click the link to find out more about how to manage your debt and to find out about laws and regulations protecting you.

Website Link to CFPB

DBA International:  The DBA website provides you with many links to consumer resources and helpful information you can use to protect your credit.  You will also find information about the debt buyer industry and how The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act helps to promote fair debt collection practices.

Website Link to DBA